Departure Day Cleaning Service

For Summer Weekly Rentals

Providing our Guests a convenient choice. We offer the option to sign up for a departure day cleaning service, to simplify your your departure day. 

You can, of course, make your own cleaning arrangements, however, locating a reliable cleaning service can be difficult and typically quite expensive. Also, keep in mind that come summertime, most services are booked so the options are even fewer.  

Our house cleaning needs are simple - we need the house in the same condition when you depart, as when you arrived. The cleaning service we hire takes care of the major cleaning requirements, ensuring a quality standard for the next guests that arrive (after you depart). 

Cost: $250 for peak summer rentals. 

Next Step: If you'd like us to put you on the schedule for the cleaning service, use the form at the right and we'll confirm back via email. Thank you.

Off Season (Weekend Rentals)

If you'd like to sign up for our cleaning service and you have an off-season, weekend rental, please email us and we'll get back to you with additional details.

Linen Service

We also offer an in-room delivery linen service for our guests! The service will deliver clean fresh sheets, towels and beach towels (and hand towels, wash cloths etc.) directly to your room so when you arrive, you're all set.  And at the end of your stay, there's no need to drop them off. 

Learn more about our linen options here

Optional 1st Floor Bedroom

We have a great new first floor bedroom option for guests with elderly parents, a special need or for anyone that would simply like some more room. This option doesn't affect your lease and we can add it in if it works for your plans.

Learn more about Anne's Room

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