Guest Houses, Great Value for Cape May Rentals

With President Bush $170 billion economic stimulus package passed by Congress last week, it will be interesting to see how the US economy responds in the coming months. Economists generally agree that the economy should see a boost from the rebate checks, but appear equally divided on the chances of avoiding a recession.

One thing is for sure - the Cape May summer rental market is changing as more and more tourists look at the 'total cost' of their vacation...not just the what they're paying to rent a summer guesthouse, but the 'hidden extras.'

Parking, high-speed internet access, beach chairs, beach badges & box can add anywhere from $600 to $800 to the total cost of a one week summer guesthouse vacation, and family guesthouses that offer these added-value services as standard features are in high demand.

The high season 'summer rentals' remain strong as families appear reluctant to eliminate their summer vacation, but one area that offers exceptional value and opportunity is the 'shoulder season' (April & May / Sept & Oct).
Posted on February 12, 2008 .