Beach Benefits

Enjoying Cape May's Spectacular  Beaches  

Cape May's beautiful beaches are one of the main reasons people love to vacation here, as evidenced by a Conde Naste Traveler article that praised Cape May for having some of the best beaches in the country, as did Trip Advisor in a more recent Best Beaches review.

We've included some nice extras to make your beach experience with family and friends even better including complimentary beach tags and a convenient beach box.

Our goal for our guests is always to have their experience here be the best it can be.

Convenient Beach Extras

Location — We're about 3 1/2 blocks to the beach so it's really convenient to just grab a towel, a favorite book and head to the beach. 

Beach Box — We include for our guests a convenient and complimentary Beach Box — right on the beach — so you can store your bulky items for the week and not have to carry them from the house every day.

Our guests love this, especially families with kids, because they can store many of the beach toys in the box during their stay (along with beach chairs), and don't have to carry them from the house each day.

Beach Chairs — We also the stock our beach box with complimentary beach chairs (usually 4 - 6) for our guest's comfort, and also to save you the hassle of having to either bring extra chairs from your home, or the expense of renting them once you're here.

Beach Towels — With our new in-room linen service, we now offer our guests the option of big thick beach towels.

Some guests appreciate this because it saves them from having to pack bulky beach towels for their trip. Find out more about our a-la-carte beach towel rentals on our Linens Service page.


Beautiful Cape May Beaches

Cape May beach photography by Michael Longfellow 
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