Love sticky buns? Don't miss this Cape May treat!

Each we love to recommend for our guests  fun new things to do in Cape May. Activities or tips that can be the perfect compliment to families visiting Cape May in a vacation home rental; that can add to the guest house experience. To get started, here's our first pick for the 2010 summer:

Ellie's Bakery in West Cape May

They have absolutely best sticky buns EVER! Run by Ellie and her fun daughter Kate (she has a very smart wit), this new bakery in West Cape May opened their doors last year and were a big hit. Head on out in the morning with your kids, it makes the early morning bike ride take on a whole new sense of anticipation and fun. After your first sticky bun you'll know what we're talking about. Get there early because the line can get long and it's best to get your buns right out of the oven (if you know what I mean)!  


Tasty Treats You Can Bring Home for the Family Bar-B-Que

Ellie's upped their homemade selections this season and have some fantastic new pasteries and cakes. And here's a great tip: we always encourage our house guests to have family bar-b-que meals together, the way we did growing up. So why not bring home one of Ellie's classic homemade Key Lime pies for the perfect no-fuss post bar-b-que dessert. The Key Lime Pie cheesecake is a Longfellow Guest House favorite. Ellie says that people who like Key Lime pie love their key lime pie cheesecake, and people that don't like key lime pie love it too. But they have a wide selection of delicious things that's sure to please most everyone. Ellie's doesn't have their own website, but you can learn more about them here.

Ellie's Bakery |  (609) 884-4007  

545 Elmira Street, West Cape May 

Tell Ellie and Kate the Longfellow Guest House sent you!

Be sure to check back in, we have fun additional recommendations, tips and videos planned.  

Posted on May 26, 2010 and filed under Longfellow Recommends.