Mother's Day in Cape May is Special

That's our Mom, Anne. Her favorite thing to do on Mother's Day was to spend time with her family by the beach, and enjoy her favorite meal and a Grande Mimosa at the Mad Batter restaurant.  

Of course, Mother's Day is special everywhere. But in Cape May, Mother's Day can really take on a unique quality. Maybe it's the the fresh flower blooms that dot the landscape that time of year, or the Spring weather that's announced it's here to stay. Or maybe it's the shore air and steady seasonal breeze that fills our streets with the promise of summer just around the corner.  Whatever it is, it definitely is special and we hope you and your family are fortunate enough to be able to spend a Mother's Day in Cape May the way our family has over the years. 

Mother's Day — Another Family Weekend Special

Now we know that Mother's Day is a few squares away on the monthly calendar, but in keeping with our series of Holiday Family Weekend Specials, we've added Mother's Day to the list so we thought we'd announce it ahead of time so if there's an interest, yo9u can plan accordingly. We wanted to make this special simple and easy to do with your family for a weekend. You can get the full details here, and if you do make it down with your Mom, send us some pictures and share your experience. We'd love to hear about it.

Posted on February 12, 2013 and filed under Longfellow Recommends.