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For Families That Love Cape May

We are thrilled to offer our 2013 June Special at the Longfellow House. We know that early to mid June is a tricky time for a family vacation since most families still have their kids in school. So we put together this special to create a really nice incentive for a group or family who can work out the scheduling. 

June Special Details

The standard rates for the mid June weeks of our special are $3,650 for June 8 - 15 and $4,375 for June 15 - 22. Our June special provides a choice:

  1 )  The full two weeks for $5,000 ($3,025 savings)

  2 )  Any 10 nights for $4,500

Option #2 maximizes flexibility on timing and any way the 10 days are configured it also offers substantial savings compared to the normal rates.

Our June Special is an incredible value and we are very excited to offer the opportunity to a family or group that loves Cape May, that knows the Longfellow House, and who's schedule fits with that June timing. Here are some key benefits for our June Special:

  • Flexibility: the extra days can make it easier for your family and friends (and kids!) to come and go more freely to accommodate everyone's unique schedule.
  • Timing: you get to experience one of the best times of the year to visit Cape May. It's just pre-summer and the crowds are smaller, the crisp June weather can be amazing and the stores and shops are open for business.
  • Value and Cost Savings: with significant cost savings you're getting the most value for your Cape May vacation dollar. New to the idea of renting a guest house? Learn why it's a great value and experience here

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