We are a pet friendly guest house

The only pet friendly guest house in the historic district

We know how important it can be to bring your fury family member along for your vacation fun.  The good news is we do welcome dogs in the Longfellow Guest House. We just have to make sure they are an appropriate fit, wich simply means they are well behaved, they do not bark excessively, they do not bite, and they are clean and tick & flea free. And also that you, as the leasee, agree to and abide by our house policies in this regard.

As we hope you can appreciate, we need our home and property to be safe and clean while you're here and also for the renters that follow. And generally speaking, we need for our home and neighborhood to not be adversely disrupted via excessive barking or any dog behavior that can negatively impact others. 

Common sense, and important

Behavior — Your dog must be well behaved, which includes being house trained, be friendly with people and other animals it may come across,  have no  history of biting, or overt aggressiveness. 

Excessive Barking —  Our home is on a quiet, private street where people love to sit out on their porch. It's a main reason families love to stay here. In addition, there are horse and carriage tours that clip clop through historic Hughes Street all day long. It is not acceptable if your dog barks constantly or shows aggression to people, other dogs or any animals that might be on Hughes Street. If that's a part of your dog's personality and behavior, we understand, but that's not going to work during your stay at our home.   

Safety — Your dog must be neighbor and child friendly. You would be solely responsible for your dog's behavior and safety regarding its interaction with others. For any dogs staying at the Longfellow House, the dog owner is fully responsible for their dog's behavior and The Longfellow House, LLC assumes no responsibility. 

Stay on first floor — Dogs are limited to staying on the first floor, preferably crated.

Furniture — Your dog must not jump on, or stay on, the furniture.  

Damage — We  don't want our house, rugs and furniture chewed up or "dutied". 

Clean — Your dog has to be clean and flea and tick treated. As you can imagine, this is very important.  

Cleanup — You must clean up after your dog in the yard (very important), and also in the house.   

Cleaning Service — We require a departure day cleaning service for tenants that bring their dog. Most tenants sign up for the cleaning service anyway (it's a great value), but we want to be clear that it's required if you bring your dog.   

Peak-Season Dog Costs (1)
Summer Weekly Rentals

Dog fee: $225 for weekly in season rentals 
Departure Day House Cleaning Service: $250 

Off-Season Dog Costs (1)
Fall & Spring Weekend Rentals

Dog fee: $95 (weekend, 3 nights max., additional nights add $25/ night) 
Departure Day House Cleaning Service: $145 (Pet Cleaning Rate) for Fall and Spring rentals. For off season weekly rentals, above weekly fees apply (dog and cleaning).

Sounds Good, So What Are The Next Steps?

1. Confirmed rental guests have to fill out the following form (see below) for a single dog request (additional dogs require an additional form).

You can also fill out this form if you're not a confirmed renter, to see if the dog you're requesting to bring would be approved or not. 

2. Once we've reviewed the information, we'll revert by email to let you know if your pup is a go. If yes, we'll email what is in effect a PDF lease addendum that presents record of your dog's details and agreement to our terms and policies. 

3. We'll also provide additional dog/ house instructions in your welcome packet that greets you on the front hall table upon your arrival.

Doggie Request Form