Top 7 Longfellow Family Guest House Activities

Some Great Ideas on How to Have Fun With your Family Too!


1) The Cape May Tennis Club Tournament (for kids & adults to play in or just to watch) 

2) The Annual Longfellow House 'Mini-Put-Put' Golf tournament next to Carnies (the kids play a round of Golf while the parents have rounds of drinks) 

3) Watching families of dolphins swimming behind Marrow's Nut House 

4) Making homemade lemonade & twizllers for the kids (sugar to taste, real lemon juice squeezed from lemons & water poured over ice) To make the lemon twizzlers go to Morrows Nut House, buy some lemon sticks. Get some lemons and cut a small hole at the top of each lemon and insert the lemon sticks...and suck! 

5) Back porch B-B-Q of hamburgers & beef steak tomatoes on toasted buns (for the best burger meat, go to the WestSide Market), grilled chicken, homemade potato salad washed down with lemonade (for the kids) and whiskey Sours for the Adults...equal parts beer / whiskey / lemonade 

6) The House-to-Cape-May Point and Back beach walk (wear plenty of sunscreen) 

7) The Clam Shell Tournament (just like horse shoes, but using real clam shells from the beach for tossing and digging the holes.

Posted on September 12, 2009 and filed under Longfellow Recommends.