Longfellow House Fall Weekend Rentals: See Dolphins... Maybe Even Flipper's Relatives!

The Fall weekend rental season is just around the corner...and there’s still plenty of fun things to do at the Longfellow Guest house in Cape May!

Check out the back of Morrow’s NutHouse (on the board walk) for some great murals of whales & dolphins or for a chance to see one of Flipper's relatives up close and personal...consider taking the family out for a short cruise on Cape May’s Dolphin Cruise!

Harkening back to the day’s of Jacque Cousteau and his made for TV documentaries on the ‘denizens of the deep...Phillip performing a most unusual act with the blowhole of a whale"...The Cape May Whale and Dolphin Research Center is the only research facility permitted in New Jersey that allows public participation on vessels at sea!

Established in 1987, the Center monitors and studies several types of species that habitat to increase man’s understanding of feeding, migratory and breeding practices.

There are several different tours - a two hour DOLPHIN WATCH tour departs at 9:30 a.m. and includes a complimentary coffee, juice and donuts.

Not sure if prices have changed with the daily rising fuel costs, but last time we checked tickets went for $23 for adults...$12 for kids 7-12 AND kids under 6 free.

This has become a popular trip so be sure to call in advance...to check on the weather and because the boat sails early if its fully booked (the website is www.capemaywhalewatch.com)

And who knows...maybe you'll get lucky and to see a pod (thats a family group in Dolphin speak) of Flipper's relatives enjoying a relaxing swim in the ocean!
Posted on August 30, 2008 .