Lulu's Cape May Gallery Crab Cake Fund Raiser Night Out (video)

From A Cape May Photography Show A Few Years Back

The following post was from a fundraising exhibit I participated in with the then Lulu's Cafe with Michele Armstrong, to raise money for the animal shelter. I'm posting to the Longfellow Guest House blog, since the original post appeared in the CapeMayX website, which no longer is active.   

What a great night out

Many thanks to all the great people that attended the Lulu's Cafe Gallery event. We got a chance to present some of Michael Longfellow's latest Cape May photography, we raised money for the animal shelter that burned down, and Lulu's Cafe introduced the best new crab cakes in South Jersey (now serving at night).

Left: Some of Michael Longfellow's gallery canvases on display. Right: beautiful and tasty crab cakes as only Lulu's can make them. 

And because it's worth repeating, the new Lulu's crabcakes are the best in South Jersey, if not some of the best on the whole eastern seaboard. Just as delicious as you would imagine how a perfect crab cake should taste, and we plan a follow-up story to get the details on what makes them so tasty good.

We set up a super cool exhibit to present my photography on a chicken wire backdrop. I'm in the sport coat in the upper left and you can see my images behind me.

Canvas Prints

Wow, there was such a great reaction to my photography. I really appreciate that and I thank anyone and everyone who was kind enough to fire a compliment my way. It motivates me to get out there and capture more great shots that tell the ongoing stories of Cape May in unique, creative new ways. We were thrilled also, that people loved the canvas prints. They are of the highest quality and make for the perfect way bring unique photographic views of Cape May into your home or office.

For anyone interested in purchasing the featured canvas prints, we've set up a special gallery within our print partner's website. You can view and purchase those images by clicking here. And remember, our print partner delivers the finished product exactly the way you saw them presented the other night. Their world class service is backed up by a 30 money back guarantee, so you can feel secure when placing a order.

Ordering a canvas print is simple

Please note, if you have any questions about the ordering process, feel free to email Michael Longfellow directly. I've set up the gallery so if you select the link that says "Or, click here to buy it as the artist intended!", you'll get the same dimensions and canvas print that we showed at Lulu's.

Video short the Lulu's Gallery Event courtesy of Dennis Zaitsev of Zaitsev Studios.

Posted on July 19, 2007 .