Introducing: Our Cape May Gifts Online Store

We are super excited to announce a new feature of the Longfellow Guest House website — our new online store. This exclusive online store will feature unique Cape May gift ideas for our guests, and also for anyone who's a Cape May fan, both local and visitor alike.

We're launching our store initially with gifts that feature the photography of Michael Longfellow (that's me) in unique, special edition canvas and framed prints.

My Cape May photography has been featured in well known local publications such as Exit Zero, Cool Cape May, the Chalfonte Book and also nationally (Paddle Board Magazine). And my images have also been used to help in local fund drives and for special projects. These museum quality, professionally constructed prints can make the perfect gift for:

A Wedding celebration — As signed, limited edition canvas prints of spectacular Cape May scenery, these images can be a wonderful gift to the wedding party, the in-laws, or as a bridesmaids or groomsmen gift that connects to the Cape May memory. 

Family Reunion — Many families visit Cape May to celebrate significant family milestones whether it be a silver anniversary, or a new birth. A signed canvas print can be a special gift way to commemorate such an occasion in Cape May.   

Birthday — These prints can make a perfect Birthday present for the Cape May fan. Or anyone who loves beautiful photography.     

A Gift to Yourself — People purchase my prints because something in the image resonates with them. And usually, they hang a print in a perfect spot in their kitchen, den or bedroom to remind them of the special place that is Cape May. 

Photography To Start

We're launching our store with a few select photographs that are some of my most requested and popular images. And as we develop the store concept further we'll add not only additional select images from my portfolio of 500+ Cape May images, but we'll also add creative, customized and beautiful frame options to suit a variety of vacation homes and design aesthetics. We also plan to tell the stories behind the images, which can be fun.

If you'd like to hear about new photographs (and other products) as we release them, simply add your name to our mailing list below by clicking the button below.

Special Discount

We will offer special discounts to our Longfellow House Guests — just ask us about it. But to kick things off — and maybe get an early start on the holiday season shopping — we're going to offer a 25% savings code.

This special savings code — LIOFI7E — is good until Saturday September 21, 2013.  Just use it at checkout.

Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to email us, or leave your questions or comments in the comments section below. We'd love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy what we've set up so far, and we look forward to adding new gift ideas that celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of Cape May, and that can work for you or your special Cape May events.

Posted on September 7, 2013 and filed under Vacation Value, Longfellow Recommends.