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Cape May Family Fun — Take Your Kids for Homemade Ice Cream (Video)

The following tip is a super fun thing you can do with your family and the kids (and the kid in all of us) will surely love it. We're talking about the Vanilla Bean Creamery which features Cape May's best (and only maybe?) home made ice cream. They are only open during the summer months but when they are, we highly recommend making the trip to get some.

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The Longfellow House is a Dog Friendly Vacation Home

Dogs Were A Part of Our Family Growing Up

We grew up with dogs in our home and know how much joy and love they can add to a family dynamic. Many times our family travels included MakapuBimini or Maitai joining in on a family vacation or road trip. For one such trip, we travelled all the way down to Sanibel Island, FL in a Datsun B210 station wagon with our family of 5, a baby sitter and Bimini (the first dog on the planet that could chase down a frisbee and catch in mid-air).

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Love sticky buns? Don't miss this Cape May treat!

Each we love to recommend for our guests  fun new things to do in Cape May. Activities or tips that can be the perfect compliment to families visiting Cape May in a vacation home rental; that can add to the guest house experience. To get started, here's our first pick for the 2010 summer:

Ellie's Bakery in West Cape May

They have absolutely best sticky buns EVER! Run by Ellie and her fun daughter Kate (she has a very smart wit), this new bakery in West Cape May opened their doors last year and were a big hit. Head on out in the morning with your kids, it makes the early morning bike ride take on a whole new sense of anticipation and fun. After your first sticky bun you'll know what we're talking about. Get there early because the line can get long and it's best to get your buns right out of the oven (if you know what I mean)!  


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