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A Special Request Solution For Our Guests

Anne's Room is a first floor bedroom named after our Mom who stayed here a few months each year when she wasn't living in Arizona or traveling the world.  We created this option for families that have a special need, or even just guests** who seek extra space. This cozy and convenient first floor bedroom is separate from the main house, towards the back, and features:

  • Private connecting bathroom & shower 
  • Private entry along the side of the house    
  • Flat screen TV with full cable access
  • DVD Player to watch your favorite movies
  • Main access to the back deck
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mini-fridge

Your Option, Your Choice

Our guests have long requested that we create a first floor bedroom option to make it easier for elderly parents who might find it difficult to navigate the stairs.  Anne's Room could also be used for a family member that has a handicap. Or parents with a newborn child that would love the additional privacy. Or, you're simply a couple that fancies the convenience of a first floor mini-master suite with its own shower and bathroom.

This first floor bedroom option doesn't affect anything about your existing rental, but it's there if you decide it can add value to your stay. **

Rates & Sign Up

For guests that have booked the house (or are in the process of booking) the rates for the Anne's Room Apartment are $450 per week, or $150 for the weekend. To signup for the Anne's Room option, contact us by email

** In the off-season, we offer Anne's Room as a one-off option. So if you're requesting to use the apartment in a one-off situation, meaning you are not part of the main guest house rental, email us the details and we will determine a rate and setup that works best for you, and for us.

Thank you! 
~ The Longfellows

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