See Alpacas During Your Cape May Fall Vacation to the Longfellow House!

If You're Planning a Fall Weekend vacation in Cape May then you might want to Pack-a-lunch at the Longfellow Guest House and take the kids on a bike trip to see Alpacas at the Bay Springs Farm!

If you missed the answer to last week's Jeopardy question and are wondering what in the heck is an Alpaca...

Alpacas (Vicugna pacos) are a domesticated species of South American. They resemble small llamas in appearance...or as Dr. Dolittle might venture “a close relative to the shy and elusive ‘Push-me-Pull-U!’

Bay Springs Farm is a preserved working farm. Its situated on what was the last Dairy Farm in Cape May County (today the farm is the site of the largest alpaca farm in the County with more than 26 alpacas in a wide range of colors).

And when the kids ask you what are they're used for?

Well, Alpaca coats (or sweaters on legs as they sometimes called) are used to produce yarn and fleece that go into everything from sweaters to throw rugs, socks and scarves.

The farm is located approximately 3 miles from the center of Cape May city near Higbee’s Beach... making it the perfect day trip adventure for the family.

How to get there
Heading toward the West Cape May Bridge... just before the canal bridge..look for a left turn on to Rt. 641 - New England Rd. Heading down the road there should be a Bay Springs Farm sign on the left.

Managed by Barbara & Warren Nuessle, they open the farm to visitors Sat. & Sun. from 10am -4pm (call 609-884-0563... sometimes they’re able to arrange a special visit by appointment).
Posted on July 17, 2008 .