Cape May's Beautiful Light House, Worth a Visit!

Here’s a classic Longfellow Guest House adventure for kids and adults... and one where you’ll want to be sure to capture with your camera!

If you walk to the end of the board walk in the direction of the cove, you’ll see a long stretch of open beach...and you’ll see the iconic Cape May Lighthouse in the distance (subject of all sorts of touristy Cape May Pictorials).

The white Cape May Lighthouse towers 157 feet high and serves as a peaceful sentry over the picturesque peninsula - but one of the more unusual things about the light house is that the park allows visitors inside and can walk the stairs!

Not up for the challenge?

Don’t worry - it’s a fairly easy climb with convenient landings every 30 steps for taking short breaks or read various facts about the lighthouse.

Once at the top... you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view...and if you and the kids are really lucky its possible to see dolphins swimming in the ocean!
Posted on July 7, 2008 .