Anne's Room — A New Guest House Feature

Anne's Room — a cozy first floor bedroom option that guests can choose if they have a special need or elderly parents.  The adjoining shower and bathroom make for the perfect setup. Learn more.

The Longfellow Guest House has been enjoyed by many types of vacationers and Cape May lovers, from women's book clubs, to corporate getaways, and even to weekend retreats with a psychic reader (very interesting). But our sweet spot as a Cape May house rental has always been family vacations. I think that's in part because families identify with our own family experience and the stories we like to share about growing up in Cape May.

Addressing An Important Need for Families

One request we've heard more than a few times from our guests is the wish for a first floor bedroom, since some families have elderly parents who might find it difficult to navigate our old fashioned staircase.  A few times we jury rigged a solution with a sofa bed in the living room and privacy curtains, and though that helped, truth be told it wasn't very practical or convenient. So this past winter we committed to really solving the problem and converted a room in the back, that's separate from the main house, into a cute first floor bedroom that comes with fun style details, cozy living comforts and could be the perfect option for your Cape May experience.  

Introducing Anne's Room

We are really excite to introduce you to Anne's Room, named after our Mom. Anne's Room is a convenient first floor bedroom that features:

  • Private connecting bathroom & shower 
  • Private entry along the side of the house    
  • Flat screen TV with full cable access
  • DVD Player to watch your favorite movies
  • Main access to the back deck
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mini-fridge

We've even built a modern flat top desk to work from and with a connection to our wireless network you can catch up with work in the privacy of your own room. Anne's Room is a great solution for elderly parents, but it can also help families that might have a handicap need, or even parents with a new born baby who might like the privacy and convenience of a separate first floor bedroom. 

Your Choice, Your Option

With Anne's Room the choice is yours and doesn't affect your rental (if you're already a guest). And you can sign up for it at any time, depending on need. We set this room up this way on purpose as our goal is not to cram more people into the house just to make additional revenue. Our goal is to provide the best experience possible for our guests. And by having a first floor bedroom as an option, you now have a super choice that can solve a specific and important need, and can also create an even greater vacation experience for your whole family. 

Learn More

To learn more about Anne's Room, or add it to your current rental setup (if you're already a guest) click here. And thank you! Many of the improvements we make to the Longfellow House come directly from guest suggestions. We are always open to hear how we can better serve you and we welcome and appreciate all your suggestions and feedback. 

Posted on April 20, 2013 and filed under Vacation Value.