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Cape May Family Fun — Take Your Kids for Homemade Ice Cream (Video)

The following tip is a super fun thing you can do with your family and the kids (and the kid in all of us) will surely love it. We're talking about the Vanilla Bean Creamery which features Cape May's best (and only maybe?) home made ice cream. They are only open during the summer months but when they are, we highly recommend making the trip to get some.

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Mother's Day in Cape May is Special

Of course, Mother's Day is special everywhere. But in Cape May, Mother's Day can really take on a unique quality. Maybe it's the the fresh flower blooms that dot the landscape that time of year, or the Spring weather that's announced it's here to stay. Or maybe it's the shore air and steady seasonal breeze that fills our streets with the promise of summer just around the corner.  Whatever it is, it definitely is special and we hope you and your family are fortunate enough to be able to spend a Mother's Day in Cape May the way our family has over the years. 

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For Our Cape May Guests — The Longfellow Family Eggnog Recipe!

Celebrating the Holidays in Cape May

Here's a fun post. Every year we mix up a batch of our Longfellow family eggnog around the holidays. We use an old family recipe that's really quite strong, and we give it out to friends and family to celebrate the holiday season.  Sometimes we'll create unique labels to make it a fun gift to receive, and each year we get strong requests to make it again. We have a few fans in town that have become lovers of this classic holiday tradition, and we hope that by posting this recipe — others can share in the festivities! Just be careful, as our grandmother use to say — this nog shizzle's got some dope power. 

The recipe came from our mother's side of the family and was handed down to her from my grandfather. It's a simple recipe but also a classic, and over the years we've added our distinct touches to get the nog to taste just the way we like it. We're posting the recipe so that you can make your own if you choose. It's really a fun process and though you might not want to let your kids drink it (at least not with alcohol they can certainly help in the making of it and the packaging, which can be a fun afternoon together.

Long Nog — The Recipe

18 Eggs
2 lbs. of. Sugar 
1 Quart good bourbon whiskey
1 Quart of good Brandy
1 Pint good white Rum
1 Quart heavy cream
2 Quarts whole milk
1 Tablespoon pure vanilla extract

Mixing the Nog

Separate eggs (the egg yellows from the whites) – and beat the yellows into thick batter in a large bowl. Pour in half the sugar and keep mixing well until it's a nice and thick consistency. Transfer to a large pot and slowly add liquor – beating all the time. Then add the Cream, Milk, and vanilla extract. Add the rest of the sugar. One trick is to whip up some of the cream separately (a cup or so) until it's almost whipped cream, and then add to the mixture. This helps create a really nice thick and creamy texture. Some recipes suggest beating the egg whites and adding in, but we find it's much tastier using cream for the same thickening effect. 

The Bottling

Once the mixture is complete, you'll need to set up a pouring station with some kind of measuring cup and funnel to pour into the bottles. Here's another secret — you want to make the eggnog in advance of when you'll drink it. If it stays in the fridge for a week or two, the flavors really start to blend together and it takes on quite a smooth taste even though there's tons of liquor (which helps make the use of raw eggs safe).  

How To Serve

When serving, you'll need to shake the bottle vigorously about 14 times to clear the thick cream at the top of the bottle. And we suggest you serve in nice glasses and grate some fresh nutmeg  on top. We hope you enjoy the recipe and let us know if you have any questions or would like to share your experience. Happy holidays!
The Longfellow Family 

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The Lobster House is Perfect for a Family Meal

Fresh, locally (mostly) caught seafood

A family vacation to the seashore just isn't complete without at least one delicious meal of fresh, locally caught seafood. Our family growing up had many memorable seafood feasts - both at our house and at local restaurants - and the Lobster House Restaurant & Fish Market was a big part of that experience. That's where we'd buy our fresh seafood to make our classic lobster, shrimp and clams feasts! 

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Thanksgiving in Cape May — Where to Get the Perfect Turkey Dinner

3 Thanksgiving Meal Recommendations

Thanksgiving is a great time to visit Cape May. The town takes on a festive holiday atmosphere and for many it's a favorite time of year to enjoy Cape May's special charms with family and friends. Each year our house guests have asked for recommendations for how to best enjoy a great Thanksgiving meal while they're in town. So we thought we'd put our local expertise to good use and recommend a few options to enjoy Thanksgiving Cape May style. 

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Cape May's Best Cheese Shop

Delicious Artisinal Cheeses

Cape May vacation cheese shop.png

If you love Cheese, you need look no further than the Seaside Cheese Company located at 600 Park Blvd in West Cape May. It's the place for Cheese Lovers!

Cheese Platters for the Perfect Party or Event

If you're staying in Cape May and need H'ordeorves for a family event or party, it used to be you had to rely on the local Acme which can be a nightmare experience with their limited selection, high prices and spotty service. Luckily for local residents and visitors alike, Steve and Barb White, owners of Seaside Cheese, saw a need and created a wonderful boutique cheese shop that has a deliciously diverse selection of fresh breads, gourmet crackers, Olives, Balsamic vinaigrette, spreads,  anti pasta and of course cheese, cheese, cheese! They're super friendly and really know their cheese. Be sure to ask about their seasonal specials that pair up cheeses with selections of local wines. You're sure to find something to suit your taste. 

A Longfellow Family Favorite!

Here's a Longfellow Family favorite: Order the D'Affinois which is a smooth French Double Cream soft cheese made from cows milk (similar to Brie but with a buttery rich flavor). Try it with the fresh bread or as part of a cheese platter with fresh fruit. Delicious. And if you go, be sure to tell Steve or Barb that the Longfellow Guest House sent you, and withough being too cheesey they should give you the  VICheese treatment.  

Open 7 days a week Seaside Cheese Company (609) 884.8700 


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