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Mother's Day in Cape May is Special

Of course, Mother's Day is special everywhere. But in Cape May, Mother's Day can really take on a unique quality. Maybe it's the the fresh flower blooms that dot the landscape that time of year, or the Spring weather that's announced it's here to stay. Or maybe it's the shore air and steady seasonal breeze that fills our streets with the promise of summer just around the corner.  Whatever it is, it definitely is special and we hope you and your family are fortunate enough to be able to spend a Mother's Day in Cape May the way our family has over the years. 

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Cape May Guest House Memorial Day Special

Celebrating the Memorial Day Holiday

Growing up, Memorial Day was always a fun time because it usually meant our family and friends were heading down to Cape May for huge lobster feasts, tennis, the beach, and of course our annual mini-putt golf tourney (at the Ocean Putt course — the only one that counts). Memorial day weekend always marked the official start of summer.

This year we created a Memorial Day rental special that provides a great value (that's always important these days) and that also solves a few timing and scheduling issues we've noticed over the years for renters. 

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A Super Cape May Guest House June Special

June weather in Cape May can be  SPEC-TACULAR  and it's usually less crowded. That's a great combo! This photo was captured on the beach behind Cape May's new Convention Center.

June weather in Cape May can be SPEC-TACULAR and it's usually less crowded. That's a great combo! This photo was captured on the beach behind Cape May's new Convention Center.

Early June is an incredible time to visit Cape May. The crowds are smaller, the crisp pre-summer weather can be spectacular, and most all the restaurants and shops have opened their doors.

But the truth is, most Cape May vacationers, travelers and visitors have never really experienced Cape May during that timeframe. One reason? The timing can be tricky since many families have kids that are still in school. Not to mention, for most families, summer and vacation plans don't officially starting until June 21 (we know because we've always thought the same way!).

This led us to create a really great offer to give that little extra push of consideration. And we call it our Longfellow House June Special.

Announcing Our Early to Mid June Special

Savings, timing, flexibility and more. That's what we've created with our June Rental Special. We built this special around two middle June weeks and offer a choice:

  1. The full two week period for $5,000 (a savings of $3,025 versus the normal rate)
  2. Or any 10 day period for $4,500. This option maximizes flexibility on timing and also offers substantial savings

Our June Special gives families an opportunity to really settle into their Cape May vacation experience. And the extra days make it easier for your family and friends to come and go to their schedule. Not to mention, with significant cost savings you're getting the most value for your vacation dollar.

Contact Us Today!

If you're interested or would like to learn more, just take a look at our June Special page. Or you can simply contact us by email and we'd be happy to make this special work for your exact scheduling and accommodations needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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