Cape May Beaches Voted Best in the World

According to a recent survey  by Trip Advisor's 20 million+ members, Cape May's beaches have been voted to be the second best in the nation and one of the 10 best in the world. 

How cool is that!

We've always known how incredibly beautiful and fun our beaches are; it's one of the main reasons families love to vacation here every year. It's nice that Cape May gets that recognition for the ongoing effort to keep the beaches clean, beautiful and visitor friendly.

The Official Start of Spring in Cape May

There's something truly magical about Cape May when the Easter holiday rolls around. Maybe it's the light and how it seems to transition away from the winter blues and into the warm goldens that can light up the landscape in beautiful ways. Or it could be the show of spring flowers that have taken bloom around town. Or even, simply, the fun Easter decorations that many local homes put on display for locals and tourists to enjoy. One thing we know for sure;

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Introducing: Our Cape May Gifts Online Store

We are super excited to announce a new feature of the Longfellow Guest House website — our new online store. This exclusive online store will feature unique Cape May gift ideas for our guests, and also for anyone who's a Cape May fan, both local and visitor alike.

We're launching our store initially with gifts that feature the photography of Michael Longfellow (that's me) in unique, special edition canvas and framed prints.

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Cape May Family Fun — Take Your Kids for Homemade Ice Cream (Video)

The following tip is a super fun thing you can do with your family and the kids (and the kid in all of us) will surely love it. We're talking about the Vanilla Bean Creamery which features Cape May's best (and only maybe?) home made ice cream. They are only open during the summer months but when they are, we highly recommend making the trip to get some.

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Anne's Room — A New Guest House Feature

The Longfellow Guest House has been enjoyed by many types of vacationers and Cape May lovers, from women's book clubs, to corporate getaways, and even to weekend retreats with a psychic reader (very interesting). But our sweet spot as a Cape May house rental has always been family vacations. I think that's in part because families identify with our own family experience and the stories we like to share about growing up in Cape May.

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